Proud To Serve Those Who Serve

Thank you to all members of the Silver Eagle Distributors
team who have proudly served our country.

Employee Name (Last Suffix, First MI) Location Desc Military Branch Served
Austin, Christie J. Conroe Air Force
Shaffner, Todd C. Conroe Army
Solomon, Ted E. Conroe Coast Guard
Fisher, Jeffrey W. Cypress Army
Gonzalez, Steve R. Cypress Army
Hall, Paul D. Cypress Army
Razo Jr., Joe A. Cypress Navy
Smith Sr., Darrion J. Cypress Marines
Aswad, Anthony S. Houston Army
Brady, Nicklas A. Houston Army
Briggs, Dan Houston Army
Brunner, David A. Houston Army
Carrizales, Miguel A. Houston Navy
Cauley, Jonathan O. Houston Army
Choate, John L. Houston Navy
Ibarra Jimenez, Ruben Houston Marines
Landry Jr., Bruce G. Houston Army
Lopez, Mario R. Houston Marines
Nau III, John L. Houston Marines
Rodriguez, Sergio F. Houston Marines
Saunders, Ryan Houston Army
Simmons, Chadwick M. Houston Army
Valdez Jr., Alfredo L. Houston Marines
Wright, Jarvis A. Houston Navy
Bertothy, Daniel V. Pasadena Marines
De La Rosa Jr., Charles Pasadena Marines
Griffin, Jerel W. Pasadena Army
Hudgen, Willie Pasadena Army
Jefferson, Brandon T. Pasadena Army
Leschber, James M. Pasadena Marines
Livingston Sr., Christopher T. Pasadena Army
Lopez, Anthony F. Pasadena Marines
Lopez, Julio C. Pasadena Marines
Munoz, Juan I. Pasadena Army
Ramirez, Daniel T. Pasadena Marines
Reyes, Miguel Pasadena Marines
Romo, Craig Pasadena Marines
Russell, Roydrick M. Pasadena Navy
VallesTorres, Luis C. Pasadena Marines
Wagner, Roy G. Pasadena Marines
Washington, Marcus Pasadena Navy
Wilson, Ricardo J. Pasadena Marines
Wright, Matthew L. Pasadena Army
Young, Michael W. Pasadena Army
Blackmon, Jarvois L. Rosenberg Navy
Griffin, Antoine M. Rosenberg Navy
Smith Jr., Alfred L. Rosenberg Army
Zuniga II, Rafael Rosenberg Army
Boggus IV, George E. San Antonio Air Force
Broich Jr., Leslie R. San Antonio Marines
Cantu, Andrew J. San Antonio Navy
Flores III, Nicolas San Antonio Navy
Galindo, Steven J. San Antonio Navy
Gonzales Jr., Henry San Antonio Navy
Gonzalez, Christopher G. San Antonio Marines
Guedea, Nathan R. San Antonio Army
Guerrero, Matthew A. San Antonio Marines
Guttridge, Steven T. San Antonio Air Force
Hernandez III, Arthur A. San Antonio Army
Lannan, Trevor K. San Antonio National Guard
Martinez IV, Salvador S. San Antonio Army
McDonnell, Jason M. San Antonio Navy
Nava Jr., Antonio San Antonio Navy
Olson, Joshua C. San Antonio Army
Perez Jr., David C. San Antonio Navy
Rancher, Jasawn R. San Antonio Army
Rodriguez, Max J. San Antonio Marines
Rubio Jr., Mario San Antonio Navy
Saenz, Nicholas D. San Antonio Marines
Sears, Joseph D. San Antonio Navy
Vargas III, David San Antonio Air Force
Vasquez, Ruben J. San Antonio Marines