Emergency Information

Silver Eagle Houston’s Response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Silver Eagle Distributors Houston, LLC qualifies as a Critical Infrastructure Industry and an Essential Business defined by the federal government. We have a special responsibility to maintain the company’s normal work schedule and continue the distribution of beverages throughout the Houston-area.

One of the Company’s operating principles is safety always. From employee health to fleet safety on Houston-area roads, we champion safety in every aspect of our business, and during these challenging times is no different. We’ve taken several initiatives in response to the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, some of which include:

Employee Health & Safety

  • Practicing safe social distancing by maintaining a minimum of 6 feet from others in accordance to the CDC guidelines. This practice is implemented throughout our entire operation
  • Encouraging employees to practice good personal hygiene habits, such as hand washing
  • Providing Personal Protective Equipment to employees, such as gloves and masks, as well as alcohol-based hand sanitizer and other disinfectants to keep a clean work environment
  • Instructing employees who are ill, have traveled recently or have a pre-existing condition to seek assistance from the Human Resources and Heath, Safety & Environmental teams on precautionary next steps
  • Enforcing employees to self-quarantine if presented with COVID-19 symptoms or have been possibly in contact with COVID-19

Facility Management

  • Maintaining clean, safe and sanitary facilities by increasing janitorial staff, limiting visitors, closing communal areas and more
  • Disinfecting all company-owned fleet vehicles

The health and safety of our employees and the communities we serve remain our top priority. We appreciate your patience, flexibility and support as we combat COVID-19 together.