10 Tips to Viva! Responsibly During Fiesta

April 15, 2019

As San Antonio prepares for three weeks of nonstop Fiesta festival fun with hundreds of events taking place throughout the city, Silver Eagle Distributors, San Antonio’s local Anheuser-Busch distributor, is reminding Fiesta revelers to Viva! Responsibly and get home safely, no matter where the celebration takes you.

Silver Eagle encourages festival goers to keep the following tips in mind to ensure a fun and safe time this Fiesta season:

  1. Have a plan. Before heading out the door in your finest Fiesta headgear or flower crown, make a plan to get to and from your favorite events safely. Designate a driver, download a rideshare app like Lyft, and/or stash some cash in your pocket to cover cab fare.
  2. Eat up! Remember to grub regularly throughout the duration of the celebration. The Fiesta food options are endless, but we firmly believe you can never have too many Chicken on a Sticks!
  3. Keep SA green! Whether at a parade, music performance, or in the presence of Fiesta royalty, remember to chuck your empty bottles and cans in the recycle bin.
  4. Not all Cascarones are created equal, nor are all drinks. Remember that unlike pre-packaged beer, the amount of alcohol in a cocktail may vary significantly.
  5. Pace yourself. Alternate alcohol-based drinks with non-alcohol based beverages throughout celebrations and encourage friends to do the same.
  6. We all have our limits. Before heading out to the party, decide how many drinks you plan to enjoy and stick to it.
  7. Keep the party going, hydrate with H20. Throughout the festivities, remember to hydrate between Buds and drink plenty of water.
  8. Slow it down and enjoy responsibly. There’s a big difference in how the alcohol of a beer enjoyed over time vs. a shot taken in one sip is absorbed in your body.
  9. Wind it down! Food and non-alcohol beverage options are important (tips #2 and #5), but remember that only time will eliminate alcohol-based drinks from the body.
  10. Get home safely. Designate a driver, call a Lyft, or ask someone to spend the night if they’ve had too much to drink. New to ridesharing? Download the Lyft app and get up to $20 in Lyft credit on your first ride.

Also, again this year, Silver Eagle, Lyft San Antonio and Bud Light have partnered to make it easier for festival goers to get to and from their favorite events by offering $20,000 in Sober Rides. Lyft passengers can use the special promo code BUDLIGHTDD19 to receive two $5 increments of Lyft ride credit to use toward two rides to or from festival events April 12-28, while supplies last. Once the Lyft mobile app is downloaded, simply enter the code in the promo section and request a ride to get to or from the party.

From everyone at Silver Eagle Distributors, we wish you a fun and safe Fiesta. We also give special thanks to local law enforcement, who will be working overtime during Fiesta to keep our community and roads safe. Let’s all do our part this year, San Antonio, to fiesta safe and Viva! Responsibly!