12 Party Tips to Enjoy Responsibly During the Big Game

January 28, 2019

 12 Party Tips to Enjoy Responsibly During the Big Game


Every football fan knows you need to have a great game plan to bring home the win, and preparing to celebrate this Sunday is no different. Silver Eagle Distributors, Houston’s/San Antonio’s local Anheuser-Busch distributor, wants to remind fans to Enjoy Responsibly this Sunday by calling the most important play of the day – a safe ride home. Whether you’re catching the game at a bar, restaurant or house party, plan ahead to ensure your party gets home safe. Whatever the outcome of the game, everyone wins when you drink responsibly and make safe rides as part of your playbook.

For those hosting or attending parties or tailgates, keep these Bud Light Party Code tips in mind to help make sure your friends and family have a good and safe time:

  1. Have a game plan. Before the Big Game begins at 5:30pm CST, designate a driver, download a rideshare app like Lyft, and/or stash some cash in your pocket to cover cab fare.
  2. Eat up! Serve food for the duration of the party.
  3. Provide non-alcohol beverages for designated drivers and adults who prefer not to drink;
  4. Keep it green! Set out a bin so guests can recycle their empty bottles and cans.
  5. Don’t refresh unfinished drinks – let guests drink at their own pace.
  6. Remember that not all drinks are created equal and unlike pre-packaged beer, the amount of alcohol in a cocktail may vary significantly.
  7. Pace yourself and encourage friends to do the same by alternating alcohol-based drinks with non-alcohol based beverages, throughout the night.
  8. We all have our limits. At the start of the Big Game, decide how many drinks you plan to enjoy and stick to it.
  9. Hydrate with H20. Drink a few glasses of water throughout the night to stay hydrated.
  10. There’s a big difference in how the alcohol of a beer enjoyed over time vs. a shot taken in one sip is absorbed in your body. Slow it down and enjoy responsibly.
  11. Wind it down! Food and non-alcoholic beverage options are important (tips #2 and #3), but remember that only time will eliminate alcohol-based drinks from the body.
  12. Get home safely. Designate a driver, call a Lyft, or ask someone to spend the night if they’ve had too much to drink. New to ridesharing? Download the Lyft app and get up to $20 in Lyft credit on your first ride.

No matter which team you’re rooting for, we should all agree on the fact that drunk driving is 100 percent preventable. This football Sunday—and every day—Enjoy Responsibly.