Back To School

August 23, 2018

Dear Editor:

With school back in session, it’s time to talk with our children about making smart choices, including how to deal with peer pressure to drink underage. We can have a big impact on our children’s decisions about drinking – in fact, studies show parents are still the number one influence on their children’s decisions about alcohol. It all starts with building their independence and confidence to say no to underage drinking.

To help start – or continue – these important conversations, Silver Eagle Distributors would like to remind parents about the Family Talk About Drinking program, a free parent guide designed to encourage open and honest communication between parents and their children. Programs like this one, paired with education and effective law enforcement, are essential to preventing underage drinking.

Below is a list of all of the Family Talk About Drinking online resources you can find on your channel of choice:

Remember, it’s our collective responsibility to help prevent underage drinking and parents have one of the most important roles of all.



John L. Nau, III

Chairman & CEO

Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P.