Bud Light San Antonio’s Fiesta Top 10 List

As Fiesta 2016 kicks off, Bud Light San Antonio is sharing its top 10 favorite things about this San Antonio tradition!

1. Medals


Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Alonzo

Fiesta-goers collect hundreds of medals each year and we love seeing all that bling! We try not to be biased, but have heard the coveted Bud Light medal is like currency around town.


2. Music and Dancing

music and dancing

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Alonzo

From Rock at Oyster Bake to Zydeco at the Taste of New Orleans to Tejano in Market Square, the San Antonio air is filled with great music during Fiesta and we love seeing Fiesta-goers dancing the nights away!


3. Cold Beer… and Fiesta Safe Rides

fiesta safe rides

There’s plenty of cold beer to celebrate with this Fiesta and we are so happy that San Antonians are enjoying responsibly. More than 3,000 Fiesta Safe Rides will be available through Yellow Cab and Uber this Fiesta. Find out more at Fiesta-SA.org.


4. Fiesta Headgear

fiesta headgear

Photo Courtesy: mysa.com

Towering above the crowds, Fiesta hats and flower crowns are an over-the-top and ever-present part of San Antonio’s Fiesta celebrations. We give a ¡Salud! to the hat lovers out there for truly being members of the #BudLightParty.


5. Chicken On a Stick

chicken on a stick

We love our food on sticks and know you do to! A must try experience for the chicken lover at heart or anyone that just likes eating off a stick, is Fiesta’s famous chicken on a stick! Do you take yours with or without a jalapeño?


6. Parades


Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Alonzo

The Fiesta parades are one of the festival’s biggest attractions each year. From the one-of-a-kind Texas Cavaliers River Parade to the many street parades, San Antonians know how to throw a parade.


7. Party with a Purpose

party with a purpose

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Alonzo

Fiesta is first and foremost a Party with a Purpose and we always enjoy supporting a good cause! Over the 11 days of Fiesta, more than one-hundred events are put on by local charitable and military organizations, raising several hundred-thousand dollars. As a committed partner in the San Antonio community, and the official beer of Fiesta, Bud Light San Antonio toasts all those working tirelessly to make this annual celebration so successful.


8. Fiesta Royalty

fiesta royalty

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Alonzo

We have royalty in our blood lines – after all Budweiser is the ‘King of Beers’! So it goes without saying that Fiesta royalty definitely has a place in our hearts. Our hats (and tiaras) are off to the entire royal court, who make hundreds of visits throughout San Antonio during their reign, spreading the message of education, service and Fiesta.


9. Cascarones and Confetti

cascarones and confetti

This is an eggcellent San Antonio tradition we can really get behind. It wouldn’t be Fiesta without our floors and the city’s streets covered with confetti. What’s your cascarone-style? Smash it on the head or show mercy by cracking it first?


10. “Show Me Your Shoes!”

show me your shoes

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Alonzo

Down in Texas, ‘these boots are made for walking,’ but during Fiesta it’s all about another type of footwear. The shoes that girls wear during the parades and parties have become almost as important as their bedazzled dresses. Parade spectators have long been yelling “show me your shoes.