Silver Eagle Distributors Adds Craft Spirits to Distribution Portfolio

HOUSTON (February 20, 2019) – Silver Eagle Distributors, the local distributor of a wide-portfolio of beverages in the greater Houston and San Antonio regions, has added a new category of products to its portfolio with the introduction of craft spirits. By the end of the first quarter, four craft spirit distillers will be added to Silver Eagle’s established portfolio of domestic, import and craft beers along with non-alcohol offerings of waters, teas and energy drinks.

“In recent years, consumer interest in small batch beverages with unique flavor profiles has created growing demand for U.S. craft spirit offerings,” explains John L. Nau, III, chairman and CEO, Silver Eagle Distributors. “At Silver Eagle, we take pride in our ability to provide our local consumers and retail partners with a variety of brands and taste profiles. We believe the addition of craft spirits to our line-up will allow these Houston and San Antonio-area customers to enjoy unique small-batch spirits they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to try locally.”

As the second largest independent beer distributor in the country, Silver Eagle’s beer portfolio remains strong and a cornerstone of the company’s business. In fact, more than 10 years ago it was the company’s attention to the growth of craft brands that allowed it to partner with many great local and national craft brands to bring their unique offerings to Silver Eagle’s markets, an attention to consumer demand that continues with the current roll out of craft spirits.

“We are excited to be in partnership with four truly great and distinctive distilleries. Each brings something unique to our portfolio and I think consumers are really going to enjoy their offerings,” says Nau.  The full portfolio includes:

Highway Vodka: Produced by a small distillery in Houston, Highway Vodka is distilled with hemp seeds for a smooth and distinct character. Its unique strain of seeds and grains allow the natural flavor of the vodka to shine through. Highway will initially be available in the greater Houston area, with plans for distribution to San Antonio in the coming months.

Boone & Crockett Club Whiskey:  Hailing from Indiana and bringing with it a dedication to conservation and the rugged spirit of the great outdoors, this brand’s offerings include three handcrafted whiskey options – each with its own distinct flavor profile, but all noted as sharing a smoky finish, reminiscent of a campfire. Offerings will be available in both Houston and San Antonio.

  • Straight Rye Whiskey – aged for two years, the flavors of caramel, berries and sweet corn blend together into a smooth texture.
  • Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 86 proof and aged for two years, this amber-colored whiskey features a smooth texture and balanced spice and vanilla oak flavor.
  • American Blended Whiskey – blended at 80 proof, pecans, fruit and jam flavors are topped off with hints of peppercorn.

Tattersall Distilling: All-natural and hand-crafted in Minneapolis, Tattersall’s extensive experimentation combined with the finest locally sourced ingredients has yielded an award-winning collection of spirits and liqueurs including:

  • Tattersall Barreled Gin – distilled from organic corn and an array of 22 botanicals, Tattersall’s Barreled Gin is conditioned in French oak white wine barrels for added layers of complexity. The result is a smooth spirit with soft floral notes reminiscent of dry vermouth in a martini. A signature spirit, it was named Best of Class by the American Craft Spirits Association.
  • Tattersall Orange Crema Liqueur – distilled from organic corn, three types of oranges and supporting botanicals, Tattersall’s Orange Crema presents big and bold flavors that are both sophisticated and approachable. This liqueur was named Best of Class by the American Distilling Institute and received a gold medal from the American Craft Spirits Association.

Other Tattersall offerings will include Aquavit, Gin, Grapefruit Crema, Lime Crema, Creme de Fleur, Sour Cherry, Blueberry, and Fernet. Additionally, Tattersall plans to launch small batch vodka special for the state of Texas. The vodka will be made from organic corn sourced from the family farm of its head distiller and will be launched first in the Lone Star State. All offerings will be available in both Houston and San Antonio.

8th Wonder Distillery:  Silver Eagle has had a partnership with 8th Wonder Brewery for its craft brews since 2015. The company was the brewery’s first beer distribution partner and the roll-out of small-batch craft spirits will be the first time consumers will be able to enjoy the distillery’s products outside of their East Downtown Houston location. Offerings will begin hitting shelves in the Houston area in March and include:

  • 8th Wonder 8x Distilled Vodka – true to its name, this vodka is distilled eight times for a super smooth, clean taste.
  • 8th Wonder Hopped Gin – the same hops used in the brewery are called into action for the creation of this gin, giving it a distinct, floral and citrus flavor.